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Dermafrac Questions.

Q. What is dermafrac?

A. Dermafrac is a less invasive way to penetrate to the dermal layer using infusions to penetrate and correct as you go.  There is no blood loss during this service unlike micro-needling where it is penetrated with a deeper needle which creates more down time.


Q. Does is hurt?

A. If you have ever had microdermabrasion done before it feels very similar.


Q. How much downtime is there?

A. Throughout the day that you have it done you will feel as if you skin has a mild sunburn but days following that sensation should subside.


Q. When will I see results?

A. You will begin to see the results that day up to 28 days following.  It is recommended to do a series of 6 for optimal results however it is not required.


Q. How often can I do this treatment?

A. Every 4 weeks.

Botox Questions.

Q. What is Botox?

A. Botox relaxes the muscle to smoothe fine lines and wrinkles giving a more youthful uplifted appearance to the skin!


Q. Does is hurt?

A. Feels very similiar to a tiny bee sting.


Q. How much downtime is there?

A. There is a small posibility of bruising however you should be able to resume normal activity that day!


Q. When will I see results?

A. You will begin to see the results that day up to 14 days following service however most patients see result within 5-7 days.


Q. How often can I do this treatment?

A. Every 3-4 months


Q.How long does it take her to do it?

A. The actual process takes about 10 minutes however we allow an hour for a full consult with a two week follow-up as well to continue to ask questions and be well informed!


Q.What age is Botox for?

A. Men and women are both good candidates and any age can have the service done!


Q. Will my face look overdone or fake?

A.  Going to someone who is experienced is a start with professional training and a great consultation to talk over needs and wants for the perfect end result!

Contour Wrap Questions.

Q. What is a Contour Wrap?

A. Contour Wrap is designed to pull toxins from the tissues in your body, it then allows the skin to lay flatter on the muscle and give you a more toned appearance.


Q. Does is hurt?

A. Not at all.  All your limbs are also wrapped seperately so that your able to move throughout the service.


Q. How much downtime is there?

A. None.  Just be sure you are drinking plenty of water, that it how the toxins get out of your body.


Q. When will I see results?

A. Immediately and even more within 48 hours.  The results are considered permanent however that is with no change in diet or lifestyle.


Q. How often can I do this treatment?

A. Weekly.

Radio Frequency Questions.

Q. What is Radio Frequency?

A. It is s device that is used for purifying and tightening, it has been around since before lasers and is much safer with more dramatic tightening results.


Q. Does is hurt?

A. Not at all.  Today's technology has transformed those currents into a heat based, it feels almost like a warming massage.  The heat however does not make the treatment more effective so please tell your esthetician if it is too intense.


Q. How much downtime is there?

A. None.  Unlike lasers you are able to resume normal activity and able to have it doen thoughout the summer


Q. When will I see results?

A. Immediately and even more within 48 hours. 


Q. Where can it be done?

A. Face and neck, Arms, Abs, and Legs for overall smoothing


Q. Is it permanent?

A. No.  There is not much on the market that is, even a facelift requires it to be done every 2-5 years.


Q. Who is not an ideal candidate?

A. People that have issues with epilepsy, pacemaker, metal implants or pregnancy.  If you also injections such as Radiesse or Botox we will not be able to do those areas either.


Q. How often can I do this treatment?

A.  Every 2 weeks the first 6 treatments is recommended then every 4 weeks after.  It is also a collagen stimulator therefore they build on each treatment.

Lash Extension Questions.

Regardless of the huge on going trend of lash extensions, there remains a few mysteries about them and some misinformation out there. Midwest Anti-Aging has been offering lash extensions now for 6 years and is one of KC's top leaders in offering this great service. So what should you know before trying them yourself?


Q. What are lash extensions?

A. Lash extensions are synthetic or natural lash fibers that are adhered directly to your individual lash.


Q.What brand of lashes do you use?

A. Sugarlash and Lash Affair, with the season we change based on humidity.


Q. Is it safe for my eye?

A. Yes. Sugarlash creates medical grade adhesive using Cyanoacrylate and formulates their adhesive WITHOUT the use of formeldedyde.  It is attached solely to the eyelash and not the eyelid.


Q. How long do they last? 

A. A full lash set stays full approximately 4-6 weeks, however for the best look it is recommended that they are re-touched or filled within 2-3 weeks to prevent any gaping or "holes" from being visible.


Q. Does it hurt?

A. No. The lashes are placed directly on the lash and does not actually touch your skin.


Q. How often do I need to replace my lashes.

A. Routine maitenance requires refills or retouches every 2-3 weeks for optimal fullness.


Q. Who is the best candidate for lash extensions?

A. Anyone can benefit from the beautiful results lash extensions create, however like all things not everyone is an ideal candidate for lashes. Great for weddings, special occassions, or everyday!


Q. How do I take care of my lashes?

A. Our experienced Esthetician will train you on the best way to take care of your lashes at your first visit, however avoiding getting the lashes wet for 24-48 hours, careful grooming, no rubbing eyes, side or back sleeping and avoiding mascara will help extend the life of your new lashes.

Chemical Peels Questions.

The kids are back in school, the nights are cool and the excitment of fall is definitely in the air. Unfortuately when the weather changes, so does our skin. With the onslaught of cooler temps and nights spent outdoors, it becomes more important to think about getting our skin back into shape. Fall is the perfect time to begin a series of Peels. Why? There are a number of reasons but here are a few.

1) Summer sun recks havok and damages our skin. Hyperpigmentation is manageable through proper treatments (exfoliation) and products.


2) Cooler temperatures allow the skin to be less reactive following a peel. The hot summer sun can aggravate newly exfoliated skin and if left unprotected can cause further damage through UV exposure.


3) Kids are back in school and we are back into a routine. Make kicking your skin care back into your routine and you'll feel refreshed too!


4)Prevention is the best anti-aging tool.  It's never to early to get your skin into its best possible condition.


5) Peels uncover the epidermal layers causing the skin to rebuild itself. Resulting in a reduction of fine lines, uneven tone and texture, acne and acne scars.


We offer mild to medium depth chemical peels that treat and are suitable for any skin type. Come in for a free consultation with one of our experienced Estheticians!



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